We Are

We Are Internet Radio Station And Label Release Service

Music Release to Radio Town or Wave Universe

Our Accepted Genres:

EDM & House / Hip-Hop, Trap, Dubstep, Future Bass / Chill, Pop, Deep House, Tropical House / Future House, Electro House, Bass House, Slap House, Phonk

We offer a 50% Royalties split for artists, one of the highest in the industry! We run Promo campaigns, Playlist pitching, Social Media shoutouts, SoundCloud Promotions & guarantee high Performing Spotify placements. We’re also making sure you have a top notch Artwork, Visuals & branding for your official release. Giving us a 50% cut of your Royalties will make us motivated & always make sure that you stream higher & higher.

If Want our label release Wave Universe all digital platforms Contact US info@waveuniverse.fi we do 50/50 releases.

Contact Radio Town / radio@radiotown.fi or Wave Universe / info@waveuniverse.fi if you want you song or songs submissions our playlists it Cost Onetime Limited Time 62€ per song you get all our Radio Town and Wave Universe Playlists your song or songs and it no never take off playlists. all our own Radio Town and Wave Universe releases get always top all our playlist Workout Music 2024 and Gaming Music 2024 and Car Music 2024 and Hardwork Music 2024 and Deep House 2024 and Summer Vibes 2024 and Chill Music Hits 2024.

If You Want Songs Our Radio Streaming You Need Send radio@radiotown.fi Your Tracks MP3 file it need meta data artist and song title and cover art artists need comma separated eg: Radio Town Music, DJ Jartza, Global Trap – She Got Nothing you can make it easy eg Mp3tag software. We Take This Time Easy House Music our Radio and if It is good maybe some trap music.

You Can Contact If You want Radio Or Label Services: radio@radiotown.fi or Wave Universe Label Services: info@waveuniverse.fi